The Hand book of Art Therapy

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-415-81579-6
Pages: 325

The Handbook of Art Therapy has become the standard introductory text to the theory and practice of art therapy in a variety of settings. This comprehensive book concentrates on the work of art therapists: what they do, where they practice, and how and why art and therapy can combine to help the search for health and understanding of underlying problems. In this third edition, new developments in the profession are clearly described, including sections on neuroscience, research, private practice and the impact of technology on the therapeutic setting. Caroline Case and Tessa Dalley are highly experienced in the teaching, supervision and clinical practice of art therapy. Using 􀂿 rst-hand accounts of the experience of art therapy from therapists and patients, they cover such aspects as the in fence of psychodynamic thinking, the role of the image in the art process and the setting in which the art therapist works. The Handbook of Art Therapy also focuses on art therapists themselves, and their practice, background and training.