Master Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographer

Master Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers
ISBN: 978-1-58428-219-8
Pages: 129

Simplicity Is Essential
Great lighting is simple; most accomplished photographers will agree that lighting should not call attention to itself. Even if you are adept at using five lights in harmony, the impact of the subject is still more important than the impact of the lighting. Often, an elegant photograph can actually be made with a single light and reflector—and nothing more. Ultimately, simplicity in your lighting technique creates greater control over how the light shapes the subject and produces subtle effects, rather than exaggerated ones. That simplicity is an underlying principle of successful lighting is hardly surprising. In nature, on this planet at least, life revolves around a single sun, so there is only one true light source. As a result, we are subconsciously troubled by the disparity we perceive when multiple shadows, created by different light sources, contradict each other. If, on the other hand, there is a single unifying direction to the light, with a single set of corresponding shadows, we are satisfied that it appears normal.


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