Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography

Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography
Pages: 2,000

Creating, in one useful, comprehensive publication, an encyclopedia of the history and practice of photography
in the twentieth century is a daunting task. In any endeavor, the doing of it often best teaches how
it should be done; and not only does the doing perfect the process, it refines the understanding of the
subject of the endeavor and focuses the content to be more authoritative. Such is the case, certainly, with
the current project.
The ambition of this project was to provide a useful resource of the entire scope of photography in the
twentieth century. It was neither to be a definitive technical manual nor a compendium limited to the field’s
aesthetic achievements, but something more. The aim was to create an encyclopedia that would serve as a
resource and a tool for a wide readership of students, researchers, and anyone interested in a scholarly
discussion of photography history.

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