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Hamid Tabaei – Autobiography

My father listened to Iranian traditional music, when I was 12-year-old his passionate about this kind of art drove me to learn to play musical instruments. Our whole-home rang with the sound of my instrument and I was wondered about the impact of music sound on my family soul and I always asked myself, how music could make gentle our existence? But what attracted me more was the impact of music on my attitude about life which was an amazing and endless source of inspiration.

Music excited my curiosity to learn more and followed another kind of arts, therefore, I applied to university for studying Photography. I believed that the camera and take pictures were more like the tools to discover the unknown world behind the humans’ minds which I considered more about that in my thesis. After that, to gain more information about the visual arts I decided to study Graphic Design and eventually I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication.


What I am interested in to mention which the whole of my existence associate with, start from this story: 

After university, I started teaching photography in some institutes that I have a lot of stories about my students and our classes but the most important one which was a life-changing experience was about a refugee girl. Her silence was long but he could break it with her monochrome photos, she did not attend in any group projects, she was a real sad girl, eventually, after a long time, one of her friends told me that she had been raped. And that story was a real answer to all of my questions…

Photography would be an incredible therapeutic tool for discovering the truths of the human soul and moreover. Until that time, I had not heard about treatment methods but when I started my research, I could find that any psychologist should create their special way to hold conversations with clients but mental health specialists had not paid close attention to Photo-therapy in Iran.

Finally, I decided to continue my study and I graduated in General Psychology and I obtained my master’s degree and wrote my thesis on the subject of Analytical Review of the Use of Family Albums in Photography Based on Jung and Freud’s Idea. And currently, I have been working on my second goal …


Hamid Tabaei