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Art therapy | 2021
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The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

The people of Japan believe that everyone has an ikigai, a reason to jump out of bed each morning.


According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai and our ikigai is the reason we get up in the morning. some people have found their ikigai, while others are still looking, though they carry it within them.

A study conducted by Frankl in his Vienna clinic found that among both patients and personnel, around 80 percent believed that human beings needed a reason for living, and around 60 percent felt they had someone or something in their lives worth dying for. Frankl explains that one of the first question he would ask his patients was “Why do you not commit suicide?” Usually, the patient found good reasons not to, and was able to carry on.

I asked this question with a different way of my clients in psychology meetings, “What is your reason for being?” to observe the rise and fall their emotions and to encourage them to look inside their selves to find their ikigai.

For the second time, I asked them to bring something which helps them to remind their stories, as I believe our ikigai is hidden deep inside each of us, and finding it requires a patient search. I focused on teaching patients to accept their emotions without trying to control them. Since their feelings will change as a result of their action.

These images are the sign of ikigai which helps my clients to find a purpose in life and offers new stimuli to prevent the depression that can come with solitude.

If we try to get ride of one wave with another, we end up with an infinite sea, we do not create our feelings, they simply come to us, and we have to accept them, the trick is welcoming them.


Hamid Tabaei